OAH Filing Methods

Filings may be submitted in one of five ways:

  1. E-Filing System. Use the e-filing system if you are already approved to utilize the e-filing system for your appeal. If you are not an approved e-filer, you may access the e-filing system by completing the E-filing Terms of Use Agreement. This Agreement is located at the “Resources” tab on the OAH website. The e-filing system is the most effective way for parties to verify that their filings have been received by OAH and to receive prompt notice of filings and orders in your appeal.
  2. E-mail OAH@ks.gov may be used to e-mail filings to OAH. Your e-mail must include the OAH appeal number, your name, your complete mailing address, and your phone number with area code. This information lets us put your filing in the correct appeal and we can contact you if we have any questions. DO NOT send questions or general correspondence to this email address as OAH will not respond.

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