January 2, 2017

The Office of Administrative Hearings is now proud to offer a new secure, single-sign on system that will allow all parties to electronically upload evidence and documents to their case(s), and manage their hearings. Please register and login in to gain access to the appropriate case. You will need to send in a signed consent form if you are an appellant, or agency head wishing to take advantage of the system.

This e-filing system is only for pending cases that have already been docketed...NOBODY CAN START A NEW CASE USING THIS ONLINE SYSTEM.  OAH must first receive, through traditional delivery methods, your request for hearing and your signed consent to the OAH e-filing terms of use.  If you are an attorney submitting the e-filing consent on behalf of your client, you must submit your entry of appearance along with the completed consent form if your appearance is not already noted on the case record.